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Farmers, the silent architects of evolution, sustain nations with the essence of agriculture—an irreplaceable thread in the fabric of our livelihoods. At Icterus we understand that the power of crops extends beyond the fields, the agriculture industry is not just about harvests but also about communities.

With a commitment to “Growing Locally with Autonomy”, our farming systems and other solutions guarantee not only harvests but also a celebration of resource autonomy, fostering a reunion between innovation and sustainability.

Icterus Grow Cube A1

The new Compact Farm All-in-one

Discover our latest marvel, the Icterus Grow Cube A1 Farm—an innovative, all-in-one cabin-type system. Characterized by water autonomy, precision, and innovation in fertigation, seed planting, climate control, and more. Compact yet powerful, it yields up to 12,000 young plants per cycle. Tailored for small and medium farmers, it promotes independence from imports, mitigating risks in annual production.

Come, let’s cultivate our own young plants locally.

Beyond Farming


Beyond cultivation and harvest lies autonomy. Imagine producing thousands of plants, generating your own energy from renewable sources, and sourcing your irrigation water. It’s more than reducing carbon footprints; it’s shaping a future of boundless benefits, all driven by your hands

Farms and other structures for cultivation

Icterus Grow Cube Portfolio

Container Farm

A cultivation system installed in containers with exceptional performance and high standards of hygiene and quality.

All-in-one Farm

A cultivation system that includes the entire process from seed to harvest in the same unit.

Other Growing Structures

We create a set of various structures that adapt to the space and budget of your need to grow crops.

Water Saving 100%
Energy Savings 90%
Germination Success Rate 95%
Crop Quality 100%
Labor Costs Savings 85%

Features & Advantages

Ideal combination of elements

Our systems offers a range of centric advantages that make a world of difference. From unparalleled sustainability practices that align with your eco-friendly goals to precise water management, ensuring resource efficiency, and harnessing renewable energy sources to power your growth. With our proven cultivation recipes, you’ll achieve consistent and exceptional product quality. Our systems are designed for high yields, translating to impressive returns on your investment.

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